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What Others are Saying...

stars Claude Jun 16, 2019
It was even smaller than I expected. Fits in my hand. The translation is accurate and convenient! You can also use it to learn foreign language if you like. Basically I love its the portable design.
stars David Jun 15, 2019
It is magical. It is small enough to hold or put in my pocket. I bought this for my parents. They just know their own language. They love to travel to different countries. They said they used this translator and got to know many people round the world. They even use this to learn foreign languages. It’s really fantastic. The delivery is very fast.
stars Jacob Jun 15, 2019
If you go abroad and do not understand native language used there, this translator is a great help. It supports many kinds of languages and is smart in translating between languages. Very convenient to use.
stars Taran Jun 13, 2019
Excellent product, fair price, thanks
starsAntonio Jun 12, 2019
The parcel came in time. Excellent quality. Works super fast. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
starsNancy Jun 9, 2019
It’s very elegant! I love the design and the way it works! I used it in Tokyo! It was of great help!
starsJanet Jun 9, 2019
It works perfectly! I love it. And the fact that it has multiple languages is great! I would recommend it to anyone traveling abroad who needs assistance with the language.

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Enables you to communicate in over 40 languages.

All you need to do is press the button, speak and get the voice translation in an instant.

Limited Time Promo: 50% Off Instant Translator!

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